Top 3 things all successful optometrists do


Have you ever looked at other optometrists and wondered what makes them so successful? The answer is straightforward; successful optometrists are adaptable, clinically sound and surrounded by a strong team, which all contribute to the business’s success. 

In 3rd place: Adaptable

Technological advancements, including artificial intelligence (AI), have never been more widespread than they are today. Everywhere we turn, our lives are enhanced through these advancements. Due to the slow adaptation within the healthcare sector, the eyecare industry is rife with opportunities for implementing AI and other new technologies.

Communicating with patients through their preferred channel helps them better understand their conditions and treatment plan and goes a long way to build greater practice loyalty.

The first step starts with recording and updating patient information electronically. Technology like Ocumail, enables eyecare practices practices to integrate consultation information with their existing patient database. Thereafter, automating patient communication after the consultation is simple, from AI recalls, appointment reminders, contact lens orders, birthday messages and more. 

Adapting to technology also includes communicating with patients verbally in the consult room, through visuals in-store or at the patient’s convenience via the phone, iPad or PC. Enabling patients to read more information about their conditions in an environment created by your practice builds greater trust in their diagnosis and treatment plans. Furthermore this protects practices and patients from being exposed to misinformation or to your competitor’s websites. 

In 2nd place: Clinically Sound

Technology and products are continuously changing the eye care industry; therefore, it is imperative to stay up to date. Ensuring your practice is equipped with the latest equipment creates a lasting impression.

According to the HPCSA ethical guidelines code of conduct, an eye care professional must always act in the best interests of the patient. Using the digital acuity technology in the consultation room enables streamlined examinations and earlier detection of pathology in less time.

Additional equipment such as OCTs, fundus cameras and dispensing tools makes patients feel that you are up-to-date and providing them with the very best in leading edge eyecare.

In 1st place: Strong Team

As a leader, forming and developing a successful team will help you achieve exceptional care for your patients. For businesses to be successful, team members should ensure that all information is stored accurately.

One way to ensure the data is accurate and stored securely is by using cutting-edge technology to incorporate an AI team member into your organization. Nothing replaces that human touch, but using technology adds that AI staff member to your team, assisting in delivering that human touch.

Having an AI team member generate new patient bookings outside of office hours is highly valuable to any medical practice. Small changes within your business, such as a great website, can have the power to extend your team’s ability to serve patients and attract new ones around the clock and during load-shedding. An optometry specific website, like a LuminaBlue website, includes extensive eyecare information, to attract new visitors, but also includes a portal for your existing patients to engage with the information specific to them.

Last but not least, extend your practice into the digital world. A great example would be to use an online review service such as Google reviews. Patients that interact and leave a review for your practice increases your digital presence. 

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All successful optometrists are adaptable, clinically sound and surrounded by a strong team contributing to the business’s success. 

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