Being clinically sound goes beyond the chair

Technology and products are continuously changing the eye care industry; therefore, it is crucial to stay up to date to ensure your patients receive the best under your care.

The HPCSA, Ethical guidelines for good practice in the health care professions, section 27A, focuses on the essential elements that practitioners should adhere to in the consultation room and beyond.

Providing the best care

According to the HPCSA ethical guidelines, an eye care professional must always act in your patient's best interests. Using the digital acuity technology in the consultation room not only enables streamlined examinations but also enables earlier detection of pathology in less time. Equipping yourself with a broader range of clinical tools also creates a feeling amongst patients that you are up-to-date and better care.

Patient Diagnosis

You are responsible for providing adequate information about your patients’ diagnosis, treatment options and alternatives. Costs associated and other pertinent details enable the patient to exercise choice regarding treatment and informed decision-making about their eye health.

Digital acuity software will automatically assist in this process, as it includes visuals within the consultation software to help the patient understand their conditions and prescribed treatment options better.

Maintaining effective communication

Communicating with your patients should not stop when the consultation is over. During the consultation, the patient may be overwhelmed and not remember everything discussed.

Providing your patient with an electronic report as part of the consultation about the health of their eyes helps increase understanding in their own time and share with others.

Not only is this informative for patients, but you can ensure that your patient is receiving the correct information that is clinically accurate. The last thing you want is your patient Googling and getting exposed to wrong or damaging information.

Patients reading the information provided in an environment such as your practice website with your custom logo and contact details creates credibility for you as a practitioner. Patients that receive reminders to return to the practice based on their eye condition are more likely to return sooner as they are empowered with information specific to their eye health, enabling them to make more informed choices.

One’s clinical proficiency must be sound in order to reduce comebacks and significantly impact patient loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.

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