A  digital marketing service

Designed for your Practice



Track recipient engagement of your campaigns to gain insight into delivered, read and clicked status.


Target your existing patient database with custom campaigns.


Prebuilt Optometry templates provide unmatched return on investment in the digital marketing space. 

Marketing Features
for your Practice Needs

Ocumail Integration

Ocumarketing uses the power of Ocumail and to generate the best marketing strategy for your practice needs.

Performance Reporting

Track marketing statistics and gain insightful data to grow revenue, improve the patient experience and advance marketing efforts.

Custom Campaigns

The content you market is targeted specifically to your patients’ conditions, treatment plan and  needs of your audience.

POPIA Compliant

Ocumarketing allows for the most effective and ethical marketing, abiding by all the newly enacted POPIA laws.

Consistent Branding

Your custom Ocumarketing campaigns will always be consistent with your practice branding, details and contact info, further increasing digital awareness for your practice.

LuminaBlue Integration

It’s so easy to integrate your website into our custom marketing campaigns to increase website traffic and online bookings.

Highest ROI

Ocumarketing can provide your practice with the highest Return on Investment, with pre-designed campaigns generating a return of up to a 15x on your investment.

Custom Links

Using our custom marketing tool, your Practice can promote: your Social Media; WhatsApp Business account; eCommerce store; Website and more!   

Connect with your audience on:

Email and SMS

Research shows that email-based marketing is the most effective form of marketing for your practice’s marketing needs. SMS marketing is also available and effective.


Ocumarketing follows a future-proofing strategy to ensure all campaigns are designed to be mobile responsive and effective. 

Social Media

Ocumarketing is a sure way to promote and grow your social media presence. With a custom campaign, you can direct your audience to any platform you desire. 

Market and Grow Your Business Online