Adapting with Technology

Technology is developing at an exponential rate. Year by year, the optometric profession continues to evolve. Various innovations have been introduced into practice, allowing you as the practitioner to improve your clinical capabilities and your patient’s journey.

Most practitioners associate technology with clinical aspects of the practice; however, technology can be integrated with your current systems, such as your practice management software.

One of the most significant opportunities for practices today is to become more adaptable by innovating. An example: is using technology to safeguard your patient information. Integrate your current patient database with a software program that will create a digital patient profile for each patient in the cloud and automate future communication with your patients. All practices should be heading toward saving information in the cloud; it’s safe and easy.

Electronic Health Record

The process starts by importing your current database from your Practice Management Software into a software program that automates the process of communication with your patients, from AI recalls to birthday messages and so much more. Recalls are automated and go out depending on the patient's condition and when to return to your practice. Updating your patients' record cards digitally has never been easier, which in turn sends your patient a report about the health of their eyes.

In addition, based on their eye conditions, it creates and automates all future communication and ensures that the information is released at the right time. The report contains what was discussed during the consultation and prescribed. This information will be easily accessible for the patient to read on their device. Patients educated and sent information based on their eye condition will understand why they should return sooner.

Digital Communication

Your patients will better understand their eyes, and their care will improve. Enabling patients to read the information about their condition in an environment created by your practice will make them less likely to be exposed to the wrong information or that of your competitors. Patients are more likely to make an appointment online as the AI recall will remind them why they need to return along with a call to action which directs them to your website before their consultation.

Adapting to technology also involves how the practice communicates with patients verbally and through visuals in-store and via the client’s device on your website.
Pamphlets, leaflets and vocal communication assist; however, patients prefer to look at their device at their leisure and will always have the information at hand. Communicating digitally will give you more of an advantage than any other method.

Online Reviews

Lastly, extend your practice beyond the building and adapt to the times. Patients encountering your Google review page will motivate them to interact, increasing your digital presence. All businesses today should have a website to secure bookings when the practice is closed or during Load shedding. Patients can order contact lenses at a time convenient as well as book appointments when they want, not having to wait for a staff member to answer the phone when the practice is open.

The power of one or two positive reviews can go a long way for your practice. Now imagine what hundreds of 5 – star reviews can do. This is all possible, but many practices neglect the process of converting word-of-mouth reviews into digital reviews. Here is an example of a review that our very own Nevada Cloud has received recently.

Werner Nefdt
Werner Nefdt
Neovision Optometrist
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Brilliant software, great support and cutting edge practice advantage that enhances patient experience and understanding and at the same time optimizing clinical expertise and efficiency for the eye care provider. Bottom line: If you an eye care provider and you are not yet running this software in your practice you obviously missing, out BIG TIME!

Technology and products are continuously changing the eye care industry; therefore, it is crucial to stay up to date to ensure your patients receive the best under your care

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