5 Advantages of Google Business Reviews

Google reviews can give your practice credibility without having to spend any money. There are numerous benefits of getting Google reviews; this includes Google ranking for local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), increasing your online presence and reputation.

What exactly are Google reviews? Google reviews allow your practice to prove yourself to potential patients. Patients can go online and list their views about your practice without having to download an app. Google reviews can have unprecedented power. A positive power to influence brand trust, local SEO, and feedback. 

These are the 5 main benefits of Google reviews:

1. Improve your business SEO

One of the main benefits of reviews is that they provide the opportunity for a practice to level the playing field regarding local SEO. No matter the size of your practice. The practice that Google thinks provides better service in the areas based on patient Google reviews. Google reviews will then be in a position to rank them higher in local search rankings.

Google reviews can have unprecedented power. A positive power to influence brand trust, local SEO, and feedback. 

2. Impact of Google reviews on patient trust

Transparency is becoming more and more relevant for patients. It is not uncommon for a patient to research a practice in their area before making an appointment. In fact, most consumers read reviews to determine the quality of a local business. Positive reviews can make patients trust one practice over another. This provides a great opportunity for local optometrists to gain a competitive advantage over other optometrists down the road by collecting Google reviews. Reviews create a sense of urgency with how quick the response rate is to a negative review, further building patient trust.  

3. Patient feedback through reviews

One of the most valuable advantages of Google reviews is feedback. Every Google business review you collect can serve as a patient survey response for your business. Each Google review will generally tell you a few things:

  • Whether or not your practice has delivered a positive patient experience
  • What product or service they received from your practice that they were the most pleased about.

    It is vital to respond to all the Google reviews. If the Google review is negative, you should always leave a response, doing your best to resolve any issue and make the patient want to return.  

4. Improve Click-through rates to your website

Any progressive practitioner understands the importance to get patients to click on their link when it shows up in a search engine. You may have spent a significant amount of money on a SEO strategy, but are patients choosing your practice? Google reviews is an excellent way to increase the click-through rate when you show up in a search engine. Your Google review rating will show up next to your business name in Google, so a good collection of positive ratings will increase the chance of clicks through to your site.

5. Convert more patients

Once patients have clicked through to your page, you are near to the end goal. Patients who come to your site need to be enticed to book an appointment. While a user-friendly site experience and smartly designed web page are of utter importance, Google reviews can be powerful enough to do the conversion alone. A practice with a strong rating on Google should promote this information on various platforms. Ratings increase patients trust even if they have never read your online reviews.

Increase your google reviews

Make your Facebook and Instagram pages easily accessible. Ask patients to review your practice. If you are on the phone with a happy patient, ask them for a review. Follow up emails can also request a review. The email should be personal, letting the patient know you appreciate their support. Let the patient understand why their feedback is important. Provide a direct link for the patient to leave a Google review. 

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