Successful practices have integrated already

A living dinosaur was found on an island!


Hypothetically speaking, what would be the first thing you’ll do after discovering a live exotic, possibly labelled “extinct” animal?


My guess is that you will want to tell the world about it. First, you’ll call your best friend, then post a picture on social media like Facebook or Instagram; you’ll most probably record a video and share it on YouTube, after which you will send an email to the palaeontology department of the nearby university.

We Use Technology

The point of this allegory is to show that our idea of contact has evolved beyond the human limitation of just verbal communication. We use technology to reach people worldwide in mere seconds; we have embraced an era of digital transcendence to improve our relationships. Humans spend more time operating or interacting with digital devices than sleeping. Communication technology is here to stay, and to think that you can grow, sustain and manage contacts without it is a prehistoric ideal.

Digital Integration

The most successful practices have already integrated digital communication technology into all aspects of their day-to-day operations. Even though verbal communication is still a key element, combining digital communication strengthens the practice of patient information process, saving admin and data management time whilst maximizing effectiveness.

Don't be left behind

Any businesses that do not adapt to this culture of the digital era will be left behind in the dust. The cost of implementing new methods is nothing compared to the loss in revenue due to misinformed patients, which can eventually destroy your business. Whether you've been in practice for three or 30 years, it's never too late to kick the dinosaur out the window.

Dilip Hansjee
Dilip Hansjee
Forsight Eye Care Centre
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I am so very happy with the amazing service I have received from Nevada Cloud. They have assisted our team to get the most out of Ocumail and Ocumarketing. These products have really made a difference in my practice giving us the ability to recall effectivey and improve our digital communication between practice and patients; resulting in higher turnover.

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