Simple steps to grow contact lenses in your Practice

As the sale of optical products forms as much as 90% of practice turnover, almost all Optometry practices cannot survive on consultation fees alone. Since 2010 the online contact retail space has grown in excess of 35% per annum and many Optometry practices are starting to notice a negative growth rate. Finding new ways to approach contact lenses can lead to a further increase in practice loyalty and establish a more sustainable contact lens revenue growth strategy.

The 2016 study titled, “Contact lenses as a vehicle to grow the
optometric industry in South Africa”, and concluded that contact lenses have the potential to grow the
optometric industry in South Africa. Read the study by Srikissoon and Hoque here.

#1 - Secure (and grow) your existing contact lens revenue

Better informed patients spend more on better care and better optical products and leave feeling more satisfied with their purchasing decisions. Practice's who actively engage with customers regarding contact lenses during an instore visit as well as between visits report that patients re-order contact lenses more frequently and return sooner.

Using AI technology to automate communication with patients after the consultation assists practitioners in protecting their patients from misinformation and online competitors, whilst satisfying the consumer's desire to be informed. This is especially important for contact lens re-ordering—receiving authentic communication from the practice, reminding the patient to re-order new contact lenses as their current supply is nearly depletion.

#2 - Expand your CL wearer base

Marketing is a great way to reach out with an intention of growing new business, but a one size fits all approach often leads to a poor uptake. Using specialised marketing software enables a practice to market to their existing patient database using custom campaigns; this form of marketing increases uptake as patients can be targeted based on their specific conditions. For example, targeting spectacle wearers or introducing early presbyopes to using a one day contact lens at times instead of their prescribed readers.

Optometry specific marketing tools, like OcuMarketing make it easy to reach out to the patient base via SMS and Email based campaigns. These Ocumarketing campaigns are always consistent with the practice branding, details and contact info, further increasing the digital practice presence. This is highly successful method to grow new contact lenses wearers from existing customers, further establishing trust and loyalty to the practice.

#3 - Attract new customers

The power of a well maintained website to attract visitors in search of eyecare information is a huge advantage in generating appointment bookings for a practice. A great website delivers a good user experience (UX) as well as enables Search engines to easily find relevant content to serve people in your area who use Google Search.

Futhermore, an extensive eye care information centre that links to other credible sources that are regularly maintained, remain fresh in Google rankings and attracts visitors to drive new bookings. Additionally, generating new informative content through Blog posts and social media builds interest and attracts visitors to your brand. Using these platforms to address many of the myths regarding contact lenses, introduce new CL technologies and showcase the convenience of one days lenses furthermore positions your brand as a expert authority.

Apps like LuminaBlue are specifically tailored for optometrists and make it easy so that practitioners can focus on patient care and avoid needing to become a marketing expert.

#4 - A Modern Practice promotes modern solutions

Practitioners with the latest technology in practice have a competitive advantage. Patients feel more at ease if the equipment is modern and not dated.

With a large variety of specialized tests, digital eye examination software offers a more comprehensive eye examination and patient feel better cared for. Patients who feel comfortable and get the best care possible are more likely to try new things such as add-on contact lenses or contact lenses for specific occasions.

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