Case Study: Improving Practice to Patient Communication


The correlation between patients comprehending their condition and the reasons behind specific product prescriptions or recommendations directly impact patient loyalty and practice revenue. The challenge lies in the constraint of time during consultations, with many patients often needing to remember crucial details discussed. How can we enhance practitioner-to-patient communication?


Ocumail is an innovative technology platform that equips patients with comprehensive information regarding their visual needs while maintaining your brand’s identity. Patients can access their condition and treatment plan on any digital device, reinforcing the consultation’s key points. This information is presented within your brand’s framework, featuring your practice’s logo, address, and more from the trusted source—you.


This method of information delivery promotes authenticity, departing from impersonal, generic content, resulting in heightened patient loyalty, increased education, and improved return business.

If you would like to see a real-life example patient report and experience the improved communication for yourself on your own device, click here to visit the Ocumail site, enter your mobile number and click on the “Receive PX Report” button.

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