New Patient SMS Reply Functionality In Ocumail

In the realm of healthcare communication, staying connected with patients is vital. Ocumail has recently introduced an innovative feature that significantly enhances this connection without imposing additional costs on the patient.

What is the New Feature in Ocumail?

The new feature is included within the AIRecall intelligence, further simplifying SMS communication from patients. This feature lets patients receive SMS messages from their Optometry practice and respond directly with specific actions like “BOOK”, “CALL”, or “ORDER”. These responses are immediately displayed on the Ocumail dashboard for the healthcare providers and practice staff.

Key Benefits of the New SMS Feature

1. Seamless Communication

Patients can communicate their needs with the practice without delays and in their own time. Their responses are instantly received by the practice day or night. 

2. No Data Costs for Patients

One of the standout benefits of this feature is that it doesn’t require patients to use mobile data or 3G/4G networks. This means patients can interact with their optometrist without worrying about data charges or needing an internet connection.

3. Centralized Dashboard for Easy Management

All patient SMS communication is directly displayed on the Ocumail dashboard. This centralization streamlines communication, allowing staff to manage appointments, calls, and orders with greater efficiency.

4. Prompt Responses and Better Engagement

With the ability to instantly reply via SMS, more patient replies leads to better eyecare outcomes, enabling eyecare providers to address patient needs promptly.

How Does it Work?

Patient Receives SMS: Patients receive an SMS from their optometrist. SMS messaging includes appointment reminders, contact lens re-orders, recalls, birthday messaging or Google review integration. 

Patient Replies: Typical patient replies to the SMS include the keywords “BOOK”, “CALL”, and “ORDER”.

Practice Dashboard Update: These replies are automatically updated on the practice Ocumail dashboard within seconds of the patient reply. Staff can take action and contact the patient.

In summary, this new feature is about making things easier for practice staff and patients, generating more patient bookings, whilst saving time and reducing costs. This is another step towards a better healthcare system where patients remain connected to their practice, securing a sustainable practice-patient relationship.

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