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BV Testing re-invented

Effective consultation time management lays the foundation of income generation in the modern day optometric retail practice. The new patient has already started formulating a decision to return to the practice whilst sitting in the waiting room chair. Ensuring the practitioner has allocated enough time, and running on time before the next consultation is not always straight forward especially with those tricky BV cases. “We often hear from our busier eyecare professionals that if the old habitual prism is working, then don’t spend time opening that can of worms” – says Graham Chrich, head Spectrum optometrist. But does one need to spend excessive time with a patient to get a better understanding of their binocular vision system? We say, Definitely Not!

The ground breaking Spectrum RG8 Test has been built on the fundamental principles of the well known and globally accepted, Worth 4 dot Test, which could also be performed within a few seconds.”What makes the Spectrum RG8 Test great is that it gives the examiner so much insight into the patient binocular system with a simple one word response from the patient – our clients will love it!” – says Russell Meyer, CEO Spectrum.

The test is performed best corrected and viewed as a fixation distance test, ideally behind the phoropter with the red/green filters in front of the right and left eye respectively. And is asked, “What number do you see on the screen?” 

In essence there are two images displayed to the patient, the number two(“2”) for the left eye and the number five (“5”) for the right eye. The ultimate goal is for the patient to have good fusion and alignment and report the number eight (“8”). The RG8 Test combines many traditional tests into one, thus saving time and due to it’s simplicity makes it great for any patient, especially kids.

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Fixation disparity exists when there is a small misalignment of the eyes when viewing with binocular vision. The misaligment may be vertical, horizontal or both. The misalignment (a few minutes of arc) is much smaller than that of strabismus, which prevents binocular vision, although it may reduce a patient’s level of stereopsis. A patient may or may not have fixation disparity and a patient may have a different fixation disparity at distance than near.

Good Stereopsis

OD suppression

OS suppression

In the event of more significant misalignment, strabismus or recent diplopia, patient responses such as 25 or 52, are often reported indicating an exo- or eso- deviation. For a more intimate understanding of the affected extra ocular muscles, the Spectrum HESS Test enables the examiner to plot, monitor and manage sudden on set deviations.

The Spectrum HESS Test can be downloaded free by clicking the link below

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This FREE HESS test allows accurate measurement of extra ocular muscle function in the nine positions of gaze, with potential deviations calibrated to viewing distance in prism diopters. Click the download button below to start your download. Once completed run and install on your PC or Mac(parallels)

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