New Spectrum v6 Windows 10 Ready

New Spectrum v6.0 – So much more than acuity charts

Digital Optometry announce the global release of Spectrum v6.0 today, following their recent posts on social media last night. The latest version promises to deliver on more than acuity charts, with the inclusion of Alcon contact lens content. “Optometry has changed. We live in an information era and that is what consumers have come to expect from their eye care practitioner. Spectrum equips the professional with tools to deliver on patient expectations leading to increased customer loyalty and improved business” – says Russell Meyer-Wilson, Spectrum co-founder and CEO.

Spectrum v6.0 is Windows 10 ready, this comes ahead of Microsoft’s scheduled release date 29 July 2015 and includes a new sleek user interface, notification settings and even faster performance. Several new features are sure to send a pulse through the eye care industry and create great excitement among practitioners and their patients. “The new color vision color wheel test is both fun and provides useful clinical information to the examiner and takes less than a minute to perform” – adds Graham Chrich, Spectrum co-founder and Head Optometrist.

Packed with new features, Spectrum v6.0 is reliable, fully supported and in a class of it’s own.

New Interface

In line with digital UI trends and the pending release of Windows 10, Spectrum v.6.0 delivers to make the user experience easier


Mobile devices and user interface trends have slowly become part of our daily lives. The new Spectrum toolbar notifications give the user the ability to see what’s new in the way they are familiar, at a glance.

New Welcome Screen

Staying abreast with changes in the eyecare industry allows practitioners to stay better informed and provide an improved service to clients. The new Welcome screen provides current up to date information that’s especially important for business growth and ensuring you get the most out of the Spectrum software

If you are looking to improve professional care and business then we agree that Spectrum Eyecare software is unmatched. The software company claim that nothing else in the same price range has a higher ROI than using the extensive features of their award winning software during consultations. In fact they guarantee it – or 60 days and your money back!

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