The danger of using outdated equipment

The equipment available to eye care professionals continues to develop rapidly, with both steady improvements to existing types of diagnostic equipment and the introduction of new equipment. Optometrists seem to be spending more money each year on technology to remain up to date, are you? When thinking of your practice, what thoughts come to mind when answering the following questions: When last did you update the equipment in your practice? Have you added any new technology to your practice? Does the younger generation (18-35 age group) that visit your practice relate to your equipment and feel they received a cutting-edge experience when been examined?

One way of improving patient experience is having the latest technology; this can start as soon as the patient’s first interaction with the practice. A patient can be empowered to book their appointments using an online appointment booking software; this allows the patient to schedule an appointment at a time convenient to them. The next step in the process is giving the patient an excellent first impression of the practice this can be done by having the latest equipment for an eye examination. If the practice is up to date, this equipment will be digital acuity software. The patient will experience the most cutting-edge technology available to have an eye examination done. It provides the optometrist with various tests at their fingertips, which creates an excellent visual experience for the patient. The patient will feel they have received a comprehensive eye examination and good value for their money.

During the eye examination, this software also allows the optometrist the option to discuss various lenses and add-ons available to treat the patient’s specific eye condition. Helping the patient understand what they are paying for and will inadvertently lead to the patient spending more.

One more method of improving the patient’s experience is using an online patient mail; this has two facets to it. Firstly, the mail that is sent to the patient directly after their eye examination will explain their specific condition in detail allowing the patient with enough information that they do not need to still search the internet to understand what the optometrist explained to them. It can also be overwhelming for the patient sitting in the chair to fully comprehend all that the optometrist has told at that moment. An online patient mail allows the patient to process all their eye care information at their own leisure. The second facet of the software is that the system also captures the data for condition-specific recalls that when a revisit back to the practice is due for the patient, be it annually or biannually. The patient will receive a message that is specific to their eye condition, explaining why they need to return.

All of the above factors will ultimately have a positive effect on your practice brand style, which will lead to an increase in patient retention and revenue. Therefore, it is crucial to take the appearance and type of equipment used daily into consideration.

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