Three essentials of digital marketing to supercharge practice growth

Expanding the reach of your business via digital marketing is the way of the future. That is why every modern medical practice should follow a tried and tested formula built around ads, analytics and social media. Different approaches are required depending on factors such as budget, location and demographics. The number of patients using the internet to source a health practitioner is on the rise. As an optometrist, it is crucial to embrace these strategies to attract new clients, better connect with patients, improve retention and boost website ranking and visibility.

One of the essential marketing strategies is creating content that engaging and patient-focused to promote the practice, although the medical industry progresses slowly, patients are becoming more tech-savvy and crave content related to diagnosis and treatment. Patients within the optometric industry have the advantage of receiving the information after the examination via an online patient mail sent from the optometrist via email or sms. The mail is based on the patient’s specific eye condition and suggested treatment process. The mail allows the patient with enough information to not need to search the internet and be exposed to misinformation about various eye conditions. An informed patient that understand the importance of eye care is more likely to return sooner, increasing long term practice growth. In between practice visits, it’s essential to keep your patient engaged; one method is through various articles.

Publishing well-researched, well referenced and above all, readable articles will help increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) scores, which will in effect, make the practice easier and quicker to find when potential clients are looking for an optometrist. Blogs are also a good way of sharing eye care information on social media; this can have a positive impact on how the practice is perceived based on the quality content continuously provided to the audience. Creating short, simple explained videos is an excellent way to boost the profile of the optometrist. Videos can comprise of answers to frequently asked questions, therefore, increasing patient education. Patients that are happy with the service received can participate in occasional videos to create the feel-good factor and promoting excellent customer satisfaction in the practice. Articles and videos should be created with a view of targeting industry-specific long and short-tail keywords, to boost SEO.

Social media is a fantastic tool for any business, and optometry is no different. As for what social networks are best for the optometry field, it depends on what type of content gets posted. All major networks will help interact with patients, obtaining insight as to the patient’s preferences, thus allowing optometrists to formulate a powerful digital marketing plan. However, a good Facebook presence is important as it remains the most used social network among all ages. Facebook promotes content and boosts an online presence.

Incorporating online patient mails, useful articles and positive information on social media will have a positive result on practice growth and boost the practice’s presence in the industry.

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