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Now is the ideal time to remind your patients about the importance of regular eye examinations, especially those who last visited over two years ago. Reaching out to your existing patients is not only cost-effective compared to acquiring new ones but also a crucial part of your professional duty to maintain their eye health.


Why Opt for Ocumarketing?

Ocumarketing’s focused approach is ideal for optometry, enhancing patient knowledge and engagement while nurturing practice-patient relationships. Its adaptable nature and measurable insights make it a valuable tool for refining communication strategies.

Key messaging themes include:

  1. Vision: Stressing how vital good vision is in everyday life.
  2. Importance of Eye Exams: Regular checkups are crucial for maintaining eye health.
  3. Eye Health Education: Raising awareness about common, manageable eye conditions.
  4. Encouraging prompt Action: Urging patients not to delay eye care.

These themes are designed to effectively communicate the importance of regular eye examinations to your patients, encouraging them to take action for their vision health. It’s a strategic approach to reinforce the importance of routine visits for long-term eye care.


  1. Personalized Reminders: Email and SMS messages that are focused on relevant information to the specific patient needs.
  2. Social Media Integration:  Shareable, well-designed artwork on various platforms.
  3. Clear Calls to Action: Integration of the “Book Now”/ Call Now” option in all communications for easy appointment scheduling.

Ocumarketing is a great tool to enhance patient engagement and education. Create your custom campaign within a few minutes or choose from 20 optometry eyecare awareness templates. Track and monitor your campaigns success via the Ocumarketing dashboard to maximize your returns and get the most out of OcuMarketing.

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