3 Essential Elements for Business Success with Ocumail

In the complex business world, success isn’t just about luck or circumstance; it results from meticulous planning and execution. While numerous factors are at play, three key elements are the bedrock for achieving business success. In this blog, we’ll explore these essential key points that every business should prioritize.

1: Improve Practice to Patient Communication

Problem: The correlation between patients comprehending their condition and the reasons behind specific product prescriptions or recommendations directly impacts patient loyalty and practice revenue. The challenge lies in the constraint of time during consultations, with many patients often needing to remember crucial details discussed. How can we enhance practitioner-to-patient communication?

Solution: Ocumail is an innovative technology that equips patients with comprehensive information regarding their visual needs while maintaining your brand’s identity. Patients can access their condition and treatment plan on any digital device, reinforcing the consultation’s key points. This information is presented within your brand’s framework, featuring your practice’s logo, address, and more from the trusted source—you.

Outcome: This method of information delivery promotes authenticity, departing from impersonal, generic content, resulting in heightened patient loyalty, increased education, and improved return business.

2: Increase Your Google Reviews

Problem: In a world inundated with information, customers increasingly rely on the Internet to make informed decisions about where to spend their hard-earned money. Without a strong online presence, your business may struggle to stand out amidst the competition.

Solution: Google reviews affect your business’s visibility in search results. When your business has numerous reviews, it’s more likely to appear in the top results when potential customers search for relevant keywords. Reviews serve as social proof, showing prospective customers that others have had positive experiences with your business. This reassures potential customers and helps establish your credibility.

Outcome: Positive reviews build trust and a strong online reputation, making it more likely for customers to choose your business over competitors. Negative reviews, when handled professionally, can provide insights into areas where your business can improve. This feedback is a valuable resource for growth and development. With trust established through reviews, more visitors to your website or storefront will likely become paying customers, resulting in improved sales and revenue.

3: Get Patients to Return Sooner

Problem: Patients don’t return when they should. Studies have shown that 40% of patients return at the 36-month mark. Consider the following example: John Doe has myopia and must return every 24 months. However, based on studies, he will only revisit the practice at 36 months. Therefore, your business will generate income from this patient twice over six years instead of 3 times, resulting in John Doe spending approximately 33% less at your practice.

Solution: If one can reduce the industry standard of patients returning at 36 months, the practice will instantly grow its turnover. Importantly, this change won’t affect patients’ costs, as they remain within their medical aid benefits period. Instead, the focus should be on educating patients about the importance of timely returns. Verbal communication will always be the best, but innovative techniques like Ocumail assist in patient understanding their condition and, most significantly, why they should return. Ocumail provides authentic condition-specific information and appointment reminders, ensuring patients return more promptly. 

Result: Implementing this approach to information delivery promotes authentic digital communication, leading to increased patient loyalty, enhanced education, and a substantial improvement in return business.

If you would like to implement these essential elements, and more, with Ocumail in your practice, please submit your details below and we’ll contact you to set up a time to discuss your requirements.

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