Surviving tough times in business

Running a business requires adaptation to an ever-changing market, and some days can seem a bit of a roller-coaster. Despite our great outlook at the beginning of 2020, our vision was anything but 2020, and we all find ourselves looking ahead for change in these unprecedented times. In the end, good leaders and strong businesses use every situation – good or bad – as an opportunity to adapt and innovate. Commit never to let adversity get the best of your business. Instead, let it be a driving force that propels you closer to your next big break.

So how do you turn your business around when times are bad and all seems lost?


1. Partner with The Right People

Some companies are willing to walk the extra mile with you. It’s essential to seek out companies that share the same level of enthusiasm and commitment that you have and possess extensive knowledge of your daily operational difficulties, and offer proven ways to overcome such challenges.

One of these companies is Nevada Cloud. Through commitment and sheer innovation, they answered the call of hundreds of eye care practices to combat the effects of COVID-19 on local business, generating over 5 million billable rands additional practice revenue during the Q3-Q4 in the last financial year.

Nevada Cloud aided practitioners through a suggested ‘Business Improvement Plan”, which enabled them to use a software program called Ocumail.

2. Keep on Marketing

Never remove integral elements from your business to try to cut expenses. One such critical component is marketing. It’s crucial to choose a marketing system that allows you to filter patient criteria. Having the ability to segment your database and directly market to patients according to their individual visual needs generates a much stronger lead than any conventional method.


3. Don't Lose Sight of the Competition

The more you know about your opposition, the better equipped you will be to compete against them. The best way to analyse your business’ strength and reputation is through Google reviews. Ocumail offers your patients the ability to rate and review your practice and integrates directly with your Google business directory, thus increasing the number of online ratings and improving website SEO – how well Search Engines rank your website. —ultimately making it easier for patients and potential new customers to find your practice online.



4. Record and analyse your data

The power of data tracking is invaluable to the business owner who has clearly defined goals as it can provide valuable insights that you will not find anywhere else. Using a clean, easy-to-use data dashboard that displays a real-time data analysis can reveal trends and forecast new opportunities. By becoming familiar with the information you are recording, you can make informed decisions and rely on data-driven evidence.

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