New Ocumail Release

The latest version release of Ocumail is the culmination of months of hard work, guided by feedback from practice owners, frontline staff and leading eye care professionals. Ensuring that our customers and their patients find it even easier to make appointments, manage their data, whilst reducing admin time is precisely where the latest version of Ocumail delivers. Maintaining data integrity improves how frequently patients return, comply with practitioner treatment plans, and enhances automation, leading to improved outcomes and new revenue opportunities.  

With the global surge in online activity over the past 12 months, healthcare has seen a rapid advancement in digital care and remote patient management. This forms part of the recent changes to further improve patient data integrity through secure integration with the existing practice management software. We strive to ensure that all patient consultation dates are accurate and up to date across all practice and patient management software.  

Database Updates

Several new fields are now included within the Ocumail patient profile, improving patient matching and reducing the incidence of duplicate records. Enhancements in the database integration functionality mean that missing, erroneous and dirty data is cleaned as far as possible before being imported. Enabling practices to set their preferred patient naming conventions, generate and pre-schedule custom recalls at the click of a button has never been easier!

Re-importing your database

Safe, secure integration with the leading practice management software. Flush out any inconsistencies in data integrity that may have crept in at the click of a button.

Should you require any assistance regarding data migration or concerns regarding your patient data integrity, please contact your key account manager for direct assistance.  

Patient management

Several new features enable practitioners to update patient information, refractive conditions, prescribed products, pathology and revisit dates without typing. – saving time in consultation. We encourage all practitioners to update the Ocumail details whilst the patient is in the consult room to improve clinical accuracy of patient records.

All practice information is stored in accordance with compliance regulations defined outlined within the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act and EUGDPR data privacy laws to respect confidentiality. 

Updates to calendar

Several improvements to the calendar enable all practice staff access to book patient appointments via any device that has an active internet connection. This allows you to manage your schedule on the go and automate patient appointment reminders. It’s never been easier for patients to book their appointments (and include notes) directly with the practice via your online booking page. 

Once appointment bookings are matched to an existing patient record or added as a new patient, they are accessible via the Search and QuickStart functionality within Ocumail. We’ve created a patient Status field that helps you better manage your patient data and provide insight into appointment behaviour. Various colors highlight the Patient Status at a glance.

Whether you are using a hardcover appointment book, online scheduler or practice management software diary, we recommend you also utilise the Ocumail Calendar. The Ocumail Calendar will save staff time, improve data integrity and lead to better outcomes. Should you wish to discuss integration of the Ocumail Calendar with your existing systems, please contact your key account manager.

Contact your key account manager

Should you require additional information or an in-depth overview of the latest features, our team is ready to assist.

The team is also available for staff training to help you integrate the Ocumail improvements as part of your workflows.

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