How technology can make or break a healthcare business

Technology is continuously improving, it’s everywhere and you are always in contact with it.

As innovation continues to progress and add even more benefits to our lives, there is a need to stress how beneficial it is to business. When you think of technology and your business, do you feel you are keeping up with the latest developments?

Humans are biased to resist change and avoid risk. People feel safe with old technology as it has been fundamental to past success. Continuing to be successful in the future requires taking informed risks on new developments and practises.

Automation and simplification have a vital role in optimizing business operations. No matter the size of your organisation ignoring technological improvements will make you fall behind your competitors. There are various areas within the eye care field that can be optimized with the use of the latest technology.

The rise of the internet has improved the business’s ability to communicate with customers; websites aid clients to find answers to their questions. There are various Customer Relation Management (CRM) tools available to manage these support requests and reduce administration. Another cost-saving device is the use of appointment software , allowing patients to make online appointment bookings for their next optometry visit. Empowering the patient to schedule the appointment at a time convenient to them.

There are various tools, instruments and machines used when a patient enters the exam room. During an eye examination a projector was always used to examine the patient’s eyes, however, this is becoming obsolete. The practices that are keeping up to date with technology have replaced this system with digital acuity software . Providing the patient with an overall better experience in the examination room and increasing their satisfaction level and in turn also contributing to patient retention.

Patients are not always accustomed to the terminology and jargon in the optometry field and can easily be overwhelmed by the information received during the consultation. A method to alleviate confusion would be to send an online patient mail after the consultation. This email would provide their eyecare information by not only stating the various conditions they have but also explaining it. This, in turn, makes the patient feel empowered by the reference material contained.

Technology in our daily lives have eliminated the bulkiness often associated with paperwork. Information can now be stored digitally. A patient record system can be put in place for storing patient information, the benefits thereof include strict access control to confidential patient information. This is in compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI), which requires organisations to conduct themselves in a responsible manner when collecting, processing, storing and sharing patients’ personal information with other entities such as medical aids.

Being a leader in the optometry industry requires that you stay ahead of your competitors and that often also means staying ahead with technology.

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