Does providing the patient with information boost loyalty?

Patients need to be informed about the products prescribed to them; a value needs to be attached to the price.

Providing the patient with product information, explaining why they require that specific product and the benefits of the product. Patients that are informed about the products tend to spend more, which has a positive effect on the practice turnover

This allows the patient to make an informed decision empowered with information regarding their eye healthcare. The more informed patients are the more inclined to trust the recommendations and be more open to new products and technological advances. Keeping the patient engaged with the practice, creating a good overall experience and therefore increasing patient revisits.

As time passes between appointments it’s important to should remain connected to the patient by showing interest in their wellbeing. Using technologies like patient recall system software makes this easier. The practice will send personalised messages which are condition specific to the patient which helps the patient to remain connected and remind them when they are due for their next eye examination.

Self-scheduling is becoming a routine aspect within the optometry field. Appointment software puts more power in the hands of the patients and can simplify everyday processes and set a practice apart from its competitors. An effective strategy of appointment software is to have an array of appealing features, starting with the capability to book an appointment at anytime from anywhere. Mobile optimisation allows patients to use the system intuitively whenever it’s most convenient. Confirmation via text messages or email ensures users and practices both have visibility into all relevant information.

The best time to get feedback from a patient is immediately after the appointment.

Asking the patient for a review of their experience at your practice is empowering to the patient as they can voice their opinion. The best time to get feedback from a patient is immediately after the appointment. By asking a patient for their feedback through a poll, entry on a suggestion card, or anonymous online review, you get insight into what your patient is going through and can remedy bad experiences before word spreads to the rest of the community.

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