What standout traits to look for when screening for a new frontliner

Defining the qualities required in a frontliner, that is best suited to meet the needs of the specific optometry practice, is essential before the screening process begins. Employing the wrong candidate can have detrimental implications for the practice. Several qualities should always be taken into consideration when screening for the ideal frontliner. Understanding the employee traits and recognizing them in candidates will assist in the recruitment process.

One of the traits that should stand out the most in seeking the correct employee is that the candidate has a strong work ethic. The candidate must be able to demonstrate their ability to work hard and set high goals for themselves or respond well to goals from supervisors, indicating the willingness to do more than clock in and out daily.

To run a smooth operation, the dependability of staff is of utter importance. Candidates who show commitment to completing tasks on time, as assigned during the application process are likely to continue this behaviour once employed.

Together with dependability comes integrity, in optometry practices that have only a hand full of employees, it is vital to hire people that will conduct business ethically.

The best frontliners are the ones who are honest and upfront in all aspects of employment. An excellent way to access integrity is by checking references and asking questions related to integrity during the screening process.

It is important to employ staff that work well with others and are comfortable collaborating with a team when screening for applicants looking for candidates with a history of collaboration, as well as giving and receiving constructive group feedback.

One of the most critical soft skills that a frontliner in optometry needs to have is excellent communication skills. Ideal candidates will understand the importance of good communication and how badly things could go wrong if a message is unclear or missed altogether. When looking for this quality among applicants, ask questions about their preferred methods of communication or example of outstanding communication they have experienced. Ensure that the candidates’ responses align with the needs and expectations regarding the practice.

An all rounded employee will be flexible and be able to adapt well to a new working environment without resisting to change. Ensure that the candidates’ interviewed are comfortable with the unknown elements of the job and are willing to learn new skills.

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