A Modern
Eye Exam

Modern Eye testing

A modern eye testing system allows the practitioner to get accurate VA measurements in less time and quickly detect early pathology

Specialized Test

Have access to specialized tests such as Hess, Aniseikonia, Stereo Acuity, Astigmatism, Colour Vision, Binocular Vision and Contrast sensitivity

Colour Deficiency Test

One can determine the colour deficiency type and get patients to respond with more confidence by using various digital voice instructions or language features.

Modern Eye testing

Digital child-friendly charts captive the attention of young patients which allows for a fun and much more manageable eye examination.

Five signs that you are not offering a

Modern Eye Exam

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Superior Eye Examinations

With a large variety of specialized test. Spectrum offers not only a test for patients, but a visual experience. For superior eye examinations, get Spectrum today!

It’s quick and easy, only takes a few seconds to generate and send the report. Best of all is that my patients are returning more frequently, which has a very positive impact on my business financially. I regret not implementing this system sooner.

Rob Nettl

Optometrist, South Africa

Experience the power of Spectrum now

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Experience the power of Spectrum now

Get a one-on-one demo