Spectrum is moving forward

Spectrum moving forward and what you need to know.

Digital Optometry announce the global release of Spectrum v6.0.5 today, following their recent server update last night. The latest version includes new Alcon education content and allows for greater customisation of user preferences. Some of the newer features include the dual screen selection for Clarity dispensing tool and control over the internal screensaver. “We aim to improve the experience for ours users and get them to wow their patients. User requests and feedback are imperative in guiding development and improving of our product offerings” – says Russell Meyer-Wilson, Spectrum co-founder and CEO.

Microsoft Windows 10 released 29 July 2015, has seen a rapid uptake of the new operating system with new hardware now being shipped standard with windows 10 OS pre-installed. As all support for Windows XP has stopped we would advise any XP users to replacement their redundant hardware as a matter of urgency. Upgrading and replacing your hardware every 3-5 years ensures you and your patients receive the best experience.

Windows 10 upgrade

Spectrum is fully compatible with Windows 10. Take advantage of the free Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade offer ending 31 July 2016

Spectrum support

Windows XP shall no longer be supported and using Windows 10 is recommended

Hardware maintenance

Regular maintenance and replacement of hardware every 3-5 years ensures optimal performance and reliability

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