Spectrum Eyecare v5.6 release

Spectrum Eyecare software v5.6 - A new standard in diabetic management

Spectrum Eyecare software v5.6 includes the global standard in diabetic vision assessment with the inclusion of the ETDRS charts. The digitization of the original charts used in the ‘Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study’ (EDTRS) includes new functionality like true randomization, whilst maintaining the precise level of difficulty. 

“The ETDRS charts, combined with the Info Centre HD & Eyemail Diabetes module, allows our users to feel confident that they can deliver the best care available to patients. One of our goals at Digital Optometry is to enable eye care practitioners to improve patient understanding regarding the importance of regular eye examinations. In this way, patients return sooner, diseases are diagnosed sooner, often resulting in the avoidance of vision loss and of equal importance is the positive contribution regular eye examination has on the financial state of the optometric business”, says Graham Chrich, Head Optometrist & co-founder of Spectrum Eyecare.

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