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Latest Eyevault EHR features

v29.0 Notes – Release date: 10 May 2023

New features

  • Info Centre runs on patient or examiner display (Fullscreen)
  • New enhanced VA pointers 
  • Enable Image Gallery editing


  • Combine Previous Notes + Medical history button + dialogs + consult navigation
  • Remove Ocumail and “dispensing and ordering tool” menu buttons


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Previous Eyevault EHR version release notes:

v 0.28

EyeVault EHR version 0.28.5 Notes

Release date: 10-05-2023

New features:

  • Added printable record card functionality:
    • CLINICAL: Pull through all clinical, dispensing and examination information onto printout
    • DISPENSING: Create Prescribed Rx from SUBJECTIVE 
    • ORDER RX: Auto-generate Order from Dispensing plans 
    • ORDER CL RX: Create CL Order from Dispensing plans  
  • Added remote receiver check on load
  • Integration of Spectrum SR-2 remote  (mouse move & click not currently working) – hidden
  • Click to open the NEW Spectrum 3D Info Centre (Beta)
  • Dispensing plans are now built based on info modules selected
  • Settings are now backed up online (currently one directional)
  • Added dialog to indicate when email is not verified
  • Pharmaceuticals is now top level selectable prescription product
  • Dispensing plans now filed out in printable record card (up to 3)
  • UX change: Cyl change to 0 -> clear Axis


  • Customise your Image Gallery via Settings Icon on Homescreen
  • Label changes and improved Chief complaints list
  • Added overlay to patient screen to catch errors (debug practices only)
  • Minor tweaks to spectrum module window cloning
  • Info module button styling changed
  • Added product/treatment option editing and various small interface changes to indicate dispensing plan product type
  • Disabled USB plugin 
  • Cyl “0” change to “-“
  • Axis “0” change to “-“
  • Label changes of button names
  • Case history Dialog: Remove Previous Used and Extend Most Used list
  • Further tweaking of examiner-patient display messaging

v 0.27

EyeVault EHR version 0.27.6 Notes

Release date: 03-03-2023

New features:

  • Added new appointment button that’s always visible above dashboard appointment list
  • Added Unaided VA to Preliminary Tests
  • Complete consultation functionality
    • PROMPT: If px will not receive Consult report
    • PROMPT: If px is being resent a new Consult report within 30 days of last consult
    • WARNING: When Px re-treatment/re-examination communication IS NOT scheduled to be sent at future date
  • Eyevault EHR App Icon applied


  • Fixed script input bug that wasn’t properly aligning text input values
  • Fixed report preview not showing selected practitioner signature
  • Mouse movement now handled with 125% DPI scaling
  • Script input, separate slider limits from text/scroll limits
  • Prelim test now shows default starting value when no value entered
  • Always show Toggle button for Fullscreen CLINICAL SPECTRUM ONLY MODE


v 0.26

EyeVault EHR version 0.26.10 Notes

Release date: 30-01-2023

New features:

  • Allow for multiple prescribe/order scripts (dispensing plans)
  • Added Prescribed and Order notes section
  • Added Preliminary fields (IOP, Visual Field, preliminary notes)
  • VA offset and enabled scrollability
  •  Added left/right PD + FH (Fit height) to Prescribed Rx
  • Anaglyph RGB input added
  • Added Updater “Update required” feature
  • Added info module thumbnail button image 
  • Show Day name on recall and next appointment date
  • Enable recall date/day picker from Calendar
  • Search Patients via ID number added
  • Show patient appointment icon hover shows appointment details & staff notes


  • Handling of 125% DPI to avoid scrolling 
  • Script and Axis value improvments
  • Moved script mini-grid Prism output to single row
  • Various minor UI improvements


v 0.25

EyeVault EHR version 0.25.3 Notes

Release date: 05-01-2023

New features:

  • New Mouse-wheel script capture Rx method
  • New Text Input script capture Rx method
  • TAB structure added to script input
  • Open patient display on first consult
  • Changed position to vertical layout of Info Modules


  • Fixed quick notes issue on complete consult screen when no notes were selected
  • Text typing script input improvements
  • Minimum screen size and UI scrolling changes
  • Added additional for upcoming new EHR fields – phase II


v 0.24

EyeVault EHR version 0.24.2 Notes

Release date: 28-11-2022


  • Tweaked removal of bouncing logo
  • Realtime update fixes
  • Further scroll direction changes to match Spectrum v.6

v 0.23

EyeVault EHR version 0.23.0 Notes

Release date: 15-11-2022

New features:

– Realtime updates
– Update branch added for debug internal Alpha testing
– Added initial pre-booking functionality to outgoing px report
– Test defaults can now be changed
– Added default smallest VA Line setting


  • Removed bouncing logo
  • Clinical tests scroll direction match with Spectrum functionality
  • Improved stability and performance
  • Stereoacuity scroll bug fix
  • Version check on load added


v 0.22

EyeVault EHR version 0.22.0 Notes

Release date: 27-10-2022

New features:

– Auto-refresh Px details added to Complete Consult screen and Refresh button added
– Image Gallery added (Run App in Administrator mode)
– Ability to Edit consultation report message on-the-fly
– Preview Px consultation report added
– Added mouse auto-hide setting (Close App required)


  • Fixed images albums not loading
  • Added autofocus to script input text control
  • Fixed Contrast sensitivity and sizing issues on patient display
  • Fixed Image album selection bug (mostly affected Targets album)
  • Extended login duration
  • Press and hold number inputs will increase/decrease values
  • Added option to show title bar on all screens


v 0.21

EyeVault EHR version 0.21.0 Notes

Release date: 21-10-2022

New features:

– Nevada Cloud Passport
– Launch of Nevada Cloud Academy
– Access to Digital patient management course for Gold users


– Login error prompt added
– Practitioner ID issue not pulling from website into calendar fix
– Pre-booked appointment reminders fix applied to time zone
– Improvements to the SMS patient report journey
– Fixed issue where report can be sent via email to patient without email address
– Appointment list now indicates when appointment patient details are not properly linked to a patient record, and will prompt user to open in Ocumail to correct
– Booked off times to include notes within calendar
– Unavailable consult hours fix for online bookings
– Removal of unspecified practitioner profile  
– Practice default signature bug fix

v 0.20

EyeVault EHR version 20.0 Notes

Release date: 12-10-2022


– Fixed loading issues with consultation data
v 0.19

EyeVault EHR version 0.19.0 Notes

Release date: 4-10-2022


– Changed update workflow
– Placeholder values for dashboard
– Fixed Consultation note UX issues
– Improved scroll interaction conflicts on consultation screen

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