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Since winning the International Visionary Award in 2006 for Spectrum Eyecare software, Nevada Cloud has continued to innovate new technologies to assist eyecare professionals adapt to a rapidly changing and disruptive market. 

Used in over 700 practices across South Africa, Nevada Cloud software provides a holistic approach to improving patient care. The clinical, business and online marketing tools enable practitioners to automate many of the tasks required to sustain and profitable practice, without detracting for their expertise – patient care. Nevada Cloud technology integrates with global industry leaders such as Cooper Vision, Hoya and Allergan enabling optometrists and ophthalmologists to deliver and unmatched patient experience and maintain customer relations between visits.

Don’t just take our word for it… Listen to industry leaders that use their products!

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With nearly 20 years of teaching, training, and presenting at conferences, universities, roadshows and online sessions, we understand what really matters and what it takes to maintain a successful eyecare practice. 

The Nevada Cloud Academy is your gateway to an exclusive online learning portal specific to the eye care profession. Whether you are a practitioner, practice manager, front of office staff, or business owner, the extensive online courses, topics and lessons provide practical skills to implement and improve. The four course educators have decades of eyecare experience, each with a deep understanding of the different roles various staff members undertake in order to create a successful practice. 

The Cloud based-online learning courses range from free to paid courses and can be used on your mobile phone and completed at your leisure. Learning has never been this easy and convenient! 

Register for the Academy today to unlock the power of online eyecare learning!

Jump start your online learning with:

Mobile friendly learning

Learn on the go with any device with internet connection. In the busy world of today, finding the time to learn is made easier with instant access, anywhere, anytime.

Software for the practice

Whether it’s digital acuity software, marketing or EHR patient management, Nevada Cloud has you covered. Academy students get access to all the latest apps.

Certification on completion

Become certified in anything from digital patient care to digital patient management with a one of the many courses offered. The Nevada Cloud Academy provides certification for each of its major training courses which can be added to your resume.

Create an account here and expand your skills.

Learn online, anywhere, anytime and work at your own pace.

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What is a digital practice plan?


As a student, you may be very familiar with navigating the online world. You may have a natural knack for technology as well as the ability to find digital solutions to many practical problems. This is a skill that is becoming increasingly more important, and not just in the Optometric industry. 

Having a successful practice does not just require skilled optometrists these days. In fact, having a skilled team may not even cut it. 

A practice needs to be ready to meet the challenges in a  digital society. 


The digital practice plan e-book explores the six key areas necessary to transition a new or established practice into the digital space, specific to eye care practices. The practical guide is a blueprint for practitioners and their team to grow their practice,without investing the time required to become an expert outside of patient care. 

Gain data insight into the various shortfalls in patient care and why so many practices around the world are making the transition into the digital space.  – and how easily a tweaked digital practice plan improves outcomes.   

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